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C'mon baby, light my fire [entries|friends|calendar]
Try to set the night on fire



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This layout is of the famous picture taken in New York City when World War II was over. The photograph is called Kissing the War Goodbye. The main theme for this layout is Love Letters. You can edit this information to your liking. You do NOT have to keep the above statement.


This layout was made by bella_anitragrl @ _premadelayouts. This layout was made for the First Designer Challenge. The theme was Black and White WWII Photography and won second place. This layout also themes love letters along with the WWII photograph. Do not steal images and claim this layout as your own!
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Aug 18th, 20 @ 09:39AM
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I have a right to express whatever I feel is necessary in my own journal. I don't care to censor, or change my wording. This is my own space, and I make no apologies.
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